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Legal Fees

Most people going through a divorce or a separation are concerned about legal costs. In many cases, their concern is justified, because divorce or family litigation can be very expensive, and the stress of additional expense is just about the last thing people going through a divorce or separation need.

However, obtaining competent legal advice can actually reduce the overall legal cost by helping the parties to avoid making decisions which complicate their case or prejudice their rights.

Many clients ask for an estimate of the total fees which will be charged to them for their case. We do our very best to provide an estimate of the costs and to keep you informed as to the anticipated costs of upcoming steps in the proceedings.

When accepting a case, most family lawyers will ask for a deposit to be applied towards the anticipated costs of the case. This deposit is referred to as a "retainer". This retainer is kept in trust for you and used as work is billed. We will inform you when you need to replenish your retainer.

Our clients are billed on a monthly basis and receive a detailed statement itemizing the work done during the previous month. Our hourly rate is $385.00.

There are no additional hourly charges for our Legal Administrative Assistants and support staff.

We also offer fixed fees for such matters as uncontested divorces, separation agreements, and co-habitation agreements. Please call our office for more information.

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