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Guidelines Calculator

This Child Support Guidelines Calculator can be used to determine the amount of child support payable based on the payor's annual income to the nearest $1,000.00 and the number of children in the care of the recipient. It assumes that both parents reside in BC (different guideline amounts apply in different provinces to take into account different personal tax rates across Canada). The amounts that are actually ordered by the Court may be different if:

  • any child is over the age of 19 years;
  • the payor has access to any child more than 40% of the time over the year;
  • there are special or extraordinary expenses;
  • the payor's income is over $150,000.00 per year; or,
  • the court finds that payment of the Guideline amount would cause undue hardship.

To use the Guidelines Calculator, (1) enter your annual income (before income taxes) to the nearest $1,000.00 and (2) enter the number of children. (3) Finally, press the Submit button to review the monthly Child Support Payment.

Enter Salary:
Enter Number of Children:

If you require a more precise calculation based on your actual income and circumstances, or wish to obtain more information about how the Child Support Guidelines may apply to your situation, contact our office for an appointment.

Note: The information provided above is general information only and is provided as a public service. For detailed information and advice with respect to your specific circumstances, please contact our office for an appointment.

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