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Let Lowther Family Law help you understand current child support laws

Understanding Current Child Support Laws

Confused about the current child support laws? Let Lowther Family Law in Vancouver help you understand them. We advise clients throughout British Columbia, and we will help you make sense of the legal requirements you're facing. Learn more about the laws on this page, or contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Child Support Laws

When a separation occurs, the court may require an individual to provide support for a child or a dependent spouse. If all parties agree, a separation agreement can provide the support.

The federal Divorce Act governs child support in situations where the parents are married and plan to divorce. If the parents aren't married or don't want to divorce, then The New Family Law Act of BC governs child support. No matter what, child support is calculated using the Child Support Guidelines, which determine how much support is payable. Support is based on the income of the non-custodial parent, and is usually determined without regard to the income of the parent with custody.

Additionally, besides determining a basic amount of child support the court can also order parents to share the expense of things like day-care, medical and dental costs, extracurricular activities and university education.



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