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We are experts in advising you on child support payments and how they work

Child Support Payments & How They Work

Are you making child support payments? It's important to understand the law governing how these payments work, and at Lowther Family Law in Vancouver we work with clients throughout British Columbia concerned about this very issue. Learn more about child support payments on this page, or contact us to schedule your initial consultation in which we will provide you with an evaluation and estimate of the time and costs anticipated.

Child Support Payment

In British Columbia, it's typical for child support to be paid until the child is 19 years old. Certain factors may mean that payments continue beyond this age, however, such as illness, disability or if the child pursues post-secondary education. Our office can assist you if you're seeking a court order to obtain, change or end child support payments.

It's also important that you're aware your child support payments aren't tax-deductible, and that they aren't considered taxable income for the parent who receives the support.

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